Choosing the Right Wood for Your Cabin Walls

If you want to construct a cabin that will be solid along with attractive, it pays to find the right wood for your cabin walls. Rather than heading off to a local lumber yard and seeing what they have, take some time to consider hard woods that are common in the region.

What is Meant by Species?

When you begin to ask people for opinions about which type of wood to use, you’ll hear a lot of references to species. All that really means is the type of tree used to make the wood used for exterior and interior walls. For example, white pine and red pine are both trees, but for purposes of construction they are two different species.

What’s Native to the Area?

Many types of trees predominate in certain areas of the country. Your best bet is to choose one that is native to your area. This means that if you live in the American Northwest, consider the idea of using ponderosa pine or maybe spruce. In the Northeast, red pine or cedar is worth considering.

Treated Wood Only

Even if you want to go with a rustic look to your cabin, verify that the lengths of wood you purchase are treated. This means that the wood has been infused with chemicals and coated with a sealant that helps to slow the process of deterioration. Using treated wood gives the cabin walls more resistance to wind, rain, snow, and any other type of weather condition you can imagine.

Remember that trees do produce toxins that help to reduce the chances for decay. Those toxins produce part of the aroma that you smell from freshly cut wood. Treating the wood enhances the effect of those toxins, and ensures that your walls will hold up well for decades.

Regardless of the species that you choose, always plan on applying a sealant to the exterior walls. This is true even if you paint them with a good quality exterior paint. The sealant will protect the finish and keep the cabin looking great for years to come.